I work with executives & teams to support their specific challenges. My intention is to facilitate bringing their unconscious thoughts and emotions to conscious awareness to be fully faced and expressed. In addition, I offer powerful and usable feedback that assists my clients in becoming potently present in their routines and relationships.

Some of my clients prefer a group environment, where feedback can come from peers and differing perspectives. My group environments primarily consist of men exclusively. These environments help them see the similarity of their problems to the problems of others. They experience a sense of belonging and contribute to others' understandings of themselves.

Others prefer the one-on-one environment, where we can delve into personal situations, often with greater focus and intensity. I recommend one-on-one coaching because of the depth I reach with clients with this format. In both, I create and promote a safe, open, non-judgmental arena where anything and everything can be discussed freely. Within this setting, many of my clients enjoy the speed and depth with which we explore the dimensions of their lives and relationships.