However our one-on-one sessions are held – whether by phone, Skype, or in person – their immediate impact is felt deeply. Many of my clients reflect in their next session the immediate use and results of any practices or new commitments we had established in the previous session.

You'll find my approach in our regular sessions to be free of judgmental or pre-determined analysis. I provide you with feedback and counsel that pertain to you directly, as I encourage your most potent and engaged self forward.

In these sessions, you can expect long-held beliefs to be challenged, as they are the building blocks of both the success and hindrances you currently experience.

One-on-one coaching is a commitment. While a single session can be powerful and transformative, real transformation requires you to commit to multiple meetings. Thus, I offer a maximum of two single sessions before requiring a minimum 3-month commitment, which typically consists of a 60-90 minute session every one to two weeks. This regular schedule allows us to tackle emerging and re-emerging issues in your life and work, and keeps you engaged in your own awareness of events over time.

I bill on a monthly basis or in a retainer format with unlimited access privileges.