I guide people toward their own personal empowerment by showing them how to be present in their lives. Knowing their own inner strength and trusting in themselves as they move through critical junctures, gives my clients a new vantage point of the situations in which they find themselves. The ability to "be present" in these moments is critical to success. What does it mean to be present?

Many people go through the various routines of their lives behaving automatically. But when a crisis occurs, or events which couldn't have been predicted show up with unexpected complexity, this automatic state of mind is not equipped to handle the situation. When this happens a person can fall into distress and confusion. Relationships suffer, uncomfortable emotions arise, and automatic behaviors often attempt to fit into a situation which requires full, conscious engagement.

This is presence: actively engaging with and responding to what is occurring. Presence appears in a room as powerful command and adept response to events as they unfold. I often hear stories of my clients showing up to a business meeting with a high level of presence and are often mistaken for the person in charge! Not only do you react differently when present, but people react to you differently.

Powerful presence comes from getting current with your emotions, and engaging your conscious mind in all events, whether they are mundane or meaningful. It is impossible to be "too present."


You can't be fully present with what's happening unless you release yourself from what has already happened. This can include experiences that occurred five minutes ago or five minutes after you were born - when they happened is not as important as the continuing grip they have on your mind and body.

Getting "current with your emotions" means you have faced what has occurred previously, and have fully expressed and released yourself from those events. This isn't always comfortable at first. Many experiences haven't been faced because they were either too painful at the time or you didn’t have the emotional or mental development to respond. As you choose to turn your attention to those moments that have been living inside you since they occurred, you often revisit the emotional reality of those events.

Facing your emotions is a bold process, but I assure you two things: it gets easier as you do it, and secondly, as you get current, your experience of life becomes more vivid, alive, and fulfilling. This is because you are entering a state of emotional intelligence – an ability to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others and of groups.

You can become powerfully present in any moment – even right now as your read this – and your ability to do so is exponentially improved by the process of facing and expressing long-held emotional reactions to events that occurred throughout your life, yet were dismissed and ignored. This is what I assist my clients in doing, so they can enjoy their lives fully as they unfold.