Opportunities are a good thing: you get offered an incredible job, a new client comes along to make a big purchase, you get a promotion. Opportunities can also bring about more change than you expected. They can be sudden changes, even if the changes are for the better. That means your way of doing business is shaken up. If your foundation is already on shaky ground – with your children, your wife, your responsibilities – a big change at work can look overwhelming. 

If you'd like support finding your way to a new vantage point on your situation, call Matt. He can show you ways to step into the situation that allow you to see it from the inside and then pop through to a more easeful position on what's happening.  Many men who work with Matt find these turning points in their professional or personal lives difficult and stressful. A new job opportunity may mean moving to a new state, or more hours away from home. A big sales deal could mean meeting new production challenges, straining relationships, and giving sufficient explanations for new situations and obligations. In these moments, especially where it comes down to making a tough decision, it's not unusual for a crisis point to emerge, which looks like insurmountable stress, confusion, and the inability to know the right move. When these changes looks like a crisis, it's very easy to miss the opportunity to achieve a new level of success, or to improve your life.

What takes change from a good thing be a bad thing, in this way? It comes down to the amount of stability you already have going on when opportunity knocks. How is your family life? How is your relationship with your partner? With your child or children? Are you already enjoying a high quality of daily life? If any of these are already on shaky ground when that good fortune comes along, what is shaky will get even more so.

In some of these situations, the person ends up doing what most people do: switch to a "default mode" of basic survival, get to a safe place and protect myself. So, is this what it looks like when an event comes about and threatens to change things in your life, and it's up to you to make the decision?  Basic survival mode is probably not the mental reaction you would hope to have in this moment of opportunity. With supportive coaching, you can bring yourself to a place where you can see the situation from many sides and step out of default mode.